Thursday, May 3, 2012


A magical, mystical, marvelous egg has finally arrived! 

The first photograph to confirm it's arrival was April 29th, around 6:20pm. 

I love the above picture because it illustrates the singular focus of the adult Opsrey's entire life: to reproduce. All the migration, nest building (not to mention our efforts to build and relocate the platform), defending and mating boils down to that beautiful egg in the middle of the nest. It's the center of their universe, the center of a living mandala. 

It also illustrates the vulnerability of life, in the form of a delicate egg. 

Soon enough that egg won't be alone. A second, third, and maybe even a fourth will follow. What follows that will be even more amazing: hatchlings.

In the meantime, it's all about incubation, and patience. 

For more of a play-by-play on the Opsrey, visit our Facebook page: Kalamazoo's Osprey Family.